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Special occasions can seem like a fashion obstacle course.

Having a go-to guide for special occasion attire is nearly impossible. The location of the event, the formality required, and even the occasion being celebrated or commemorated can be determining factors in what you will need to wear. Not to mention the fact that you probably want to feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing. The most practical advice for those tricky celebrations is to keep it classic. Whether the event is formal or casual, vintage dresses are the best way to make a positive impression no matter the occasion.


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For more formal events, there are a number of long and mid-length gown styles available to choose from. It all depends on what vintage time period you are looking at, though traditionally “vintage” refers to women’s fashion from the 1940’s to the early 1960’s. There are a couple of popular directions stemming from these time periods. You can opt for the lengthy, romantic drapery of a chic gown that is sure to draw eyes. Along with dropping jaws, this option adds a freedom of movement for those times you may be asked to dance. You may also want the beaded and embellished overlays propped up by rolling petticoats to create an easily recognizable vintage look. Whatever direction you formally decide to go in, another perk of a vintage dress choice is the ability to flamboyantly accessorize without seeming the slightest bit over the top. Stoles, gloves, hats sables. Never mind the endless elegant jewelry combination possibilities. These glamorous looks of yesteryear are every bit as stunning as they ever were.

As for the casual special occasion, dress options are a breeze. One would be the iconic tapered waist and poufy skirted dress, but in a much more simple style and without the bedazzled embellishments. There are a lot of different variations to these kinds of dresses that can make them unique to your personality while still remaining a classic option. Fabric choices, necklines, thickness of the petticoat and skirt length are all variations on the romantic style that can help tailor your look to fit your body and the event you are attending. There is also the option of a tighter fitting pencil skirt instead of the full skirt. This sleek look is timeless. A romantically form-fitting vintage ensemble will make people want to catch another glance.

Occasions vary, just like the people who have them. It’s impossible to find a look that is appropriate for everything. Don’t become overwhelmed by quickly fading, and sometimes confusing trends. Keep calm, and keep it classy. Romantic vintage dresses are a versatile option that has stood the tests of time.


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