Red Rock Casino and Resort Review Part 3: Signature Suite & Meals Staying at the Signature Suite at the Red Rock Resort


My Red Rock vacation turned out great and, I must say, the quality of my R&R weekend was greatly credited to how relaxing the Red Rock Resort was. I stayed at the Signature Suite, which was an amazing suite on the 17th floor with a view of both the resort’s pool and Red Rock Canyon.

Upon entering the suite, I was surprised by how large it was. I was greeted with marble floors, a bar area, a walk in coat check-in closet and a guest bathroom. I can’t believe there was even a guest bathroom!

Signature Suite Parlor

Further in, a gold-tone dining area occupies the middle of the parlor. This suite is equiped for great entertaining.  This would make a great location for an intimate bachelorette party or even a birthday getaway.  An incredibly soft sectional sofa was welcoming amidst the floor-to-ceiling windows featuring the majestic views of the Red Rock Canyons.

Welcoming Sectional Sofa

The bedroom was equally impressive.  Floor-to-ceiling windows carried over to the room  providing a serene view in the evening.  The suite provided such a comfortable atmosphere that I took several naps in between my weekend activities.  I definitely felt re-charged this weekend!

Signature Suite Bedroom

Additionally, there’s an office table with an ethernet cable, as well as another bar area in the bedroom.   A word of caution here. The bar area is sensitive to movement where if you were to lift up the snacks and drinks, it would activate a counter. If the item is left off the bar area, then you would be charged. The snacks are pretty expensive starting at $4.00 in the room.  Ample seating is also provided with a set of plush chairs.  I was definitely satisfied.

View of Bathroom from Bedroom

My favorite space in the entire suite would have to be the bathroom.  Dressed with elegant marble floors, large double doors, and leather walls in deep chocolate brown, it was very inviting.  There were two sinks and two closets. I definitely had more than enough space!  The jacuzzi sat magnificently at the center with a flat screen tv in front of it.  It kept me updated with all that was going on with this season’s Olympic Games while prepping up for the day’s activities.  I also liked how it flowed wonderfully into the bedroom as it was easier to get to and from the closet where my luggage was.  I love the floor plan!

My weekend’s activities in the resort consisted of relaxing at The Spa, dining at their Feast Buffet and restaurant.  The night club entertainment was visible from my suite. I can also hear the music from my room through the windows. It was rather distracting whenever I want to sleep but I’m glad the room also had a Bose sound system where I docked my iPod so I can drown in my own music. Sadly, I planned on going to the club Saturday evening but there were no invitations, event promoters, or party ads so I wound up spending the evening relaxed in the jacuzzi.  And so I had a delightful platter of cheese and wine which ensured a lovely evening and a restful sleep.

Welcoming Wine & Cheese

I was very much excited to try their buffet.  I always look forward to trying a new buffet every time I go to Vegas.  I was very surprised that their buffet was priced at only $4.99 (if you have the Station’s Casino card) when the food selection was as diverse as it was.

Feast Buffet at Red Rock Resort

When I arrived at the buffet around 10:30 am, there was a line. It moved quickly enough as the wait was about 15 minutes.  The Feast Buffet offered quite the variety of brunch options.  So in terms of cost, the buffet was definitely of good value.  However, my pleasant experience ended when I had their eggs benedict and found out that the hollandaise sauce had gone bad.  I quickly lost my appetite after that.

Buffet Plate

I was obviously very disappointed with this experience as eggs benedict is one of my favorite breakfast items.  So, with that, I definitely do not recommend going to The Feast Buffet.  I called the Front Desk and they were kind enough to give me a $25 food credit at the resort.  For dinner, being a typical Californian, I decided to try the LBS Burger restaurant in their hotel.

LBS: A Burger Joint

I ordered their Flyin’ Hawaiian Burger composed of beef burger, grilled spam, pineapple chutney, terriyaki glaze, pepperjack cheese, frisee and chili mayo.  It was the bomb!

Flyin’ Hawaiian Burger

I had also ordered their Chinese Chicken Salad which was not so tasty but at least the Zucchini Fries were very good.

Chinese Chicken Salad

The service was ok, lacking in the beginning but it got better towards the end when I had to pay the bill.

LBS Burger Bar

My rating for this hotel is all in all amazing.  With the exception of The Feast Buffet, this resort is worth visiting in Las Vegas.

If you are looking for a place to get some real rest and relaxation, where everything you need is in one place, then your stay at the Red Rock Resort will certainly be pleasurable and memorable.  I know it was for me!  However, if you are looking for a more active nightlife and entertainment, then it’s best to stay on The Strip.

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