Red Rock Casino and Resort Review Part 1: Pool and Spa Pool Time at the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, Las Vegas


I need a vacation from my vacation!  I’ve always thought this saying was funny but when hosting my family here for two weeks, I found myself thinking it. It’s certainly time for that much needed R&R.

I’ve decided to take a vacation in Las Vegas. For us Angelenos, Vegas is close enough to drive while far enough to truly feel like you are escaping. Vegas is our home away from home come holidays, long weekends, or those days when we just want to get away. Lately, Las Vegas has become so busy that you really can’t relax there anymore. The traffic on the strip is insane… almost as insane as the drunkards walking around the strip embarassing themselves. This time, I decided to try a resort away from the strip: The Red Rock Casino and Resort. This stay reminded me that Las Vegas is still quite the desert oasis.

Red Rock Resort Pool

I arrived on a Friday evening at the resort. The drive from LA wasn’t as bad as I expected. There were two parking lots and it was a bit confusing on which one to park at unless you are already familiar with the place. There were no problems finding parking but I did have a challenge in finding the front desk. There were no signs that can lead us there from the parking lot but I eventually found it. The front desk clerk, Krystal, was very polite and informational. She quickly checked me in and gave me a map of the resort.  So here’s the view from my 17th Floor Hotel Signature Suite.

Swimming Pool at the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, Las Vegas

I like to be called a “resortist”.  When I check in a hotel, I immediately look for opportunities to get pampered while in a relaxed environment.  The Red Rock Casino and Resort certainly provided all that.


The pool area consists of one large pool, the Sandbar Pool, posh cabanas, center fountain, wading pools, private pool areas and a beach.

Sandbar Grille & Pool

I liked how there are eight smaller pools and two jacuzzis. It gave people the option to either enjoy a large pool where children are playing around the fountain or enjoy one of the smaller pools and jacuzzis for that intimate feel. With the 100+ degree weather, the cold water felt extremely refreshing.

Pools at Red Rock Casino Resort

Private Pool Areas

Wearing an effortlessly cool cover-up on top of my classic black maillot swimsuit was fun!  The trend right now are long length cover-ups such as this.  It was easy to get ready to jump in the water. All I have to do is remove the cover-up and go!  The organza material made it easy to dry without being too fussy.  This wonderful cover-up was a gift from the Philippine Islands (thanks mom!). The most stylish resort wear comes from best tropical countries since they are used to warm weather all year round!  I also like to wear a hat to protect my skin while lounging by the pool.

Oh, how I love the plush lounge chairs on water!  I felt so relaxed!  It is very similar to the one they have at the Encore.

The Pool at Red Rock Casino

Style Details
Animal Print Cover-Up :: From the Philippine Islands (love this / great deal)
Swimsuit :: Sexy Brazilian Back Halter Top Monokini Swimwear
Fedora :: Purchased from an LA Street Vendor (similar here / cute one here also / look for less)
Sunglasses :: DSquared2 (similar / i like this one too / look for less)
Jewelry :: Sterling Silver Hoops & Cocktail Ring by DGV Jewelry (similar in size small / large hoops here / high polishsimply cutelook for less)

My lounging experience at the pool was certainly something I was looking for but my true relaxation happened at the spa. :)

Their spa was pretty close to the pool, only separated by a tall bush. I liked how the entrance to the spa and pool are conveniently near the hotel room elevators. It was very easy to go from the room and straight into a relaxing and fun area. While at the spa,  I was treated to a 50-minute Swedish massageThe Spa had a vibrant yet soothing atmosphere, as you can see with its hip décor.  That pop of red against all that immaculate white is defintely alluring.  I was excited to have my massage.

The Spa at Red Rock Resort and Casino

My massage therapist, having 25-years of experience, provided me a very relaxing hot oil massage therapy and a fun conversation in a private room.  There were also two jacuzzis inside with lounge chairs for even more relaxation. The spa supplied all the toiletries you need in order to feel relaxed and clean. Overall it was a wonderful experience.

Included in Appointment:
towels, lockers, robes, spa sandals, toiletries, and more

Vegas pools can sometimes be overbearing with all the rowdy people, both adults and children alike, in the pool.  But it’s different in Red Rock. The spa also featured private cabanas, sofas, lounge chairs, a full gym, and a two lane lap pool. In order to block out the noise from the main pool, the open spa area played soothing relaxation music. This provided an alternative pool experience perfect for people like me who sometimes just want to sip my drink in peace.  I indulged myself in their complimentary magazines and other reading materials, as well as fruits and crackers to snack on with ice-cold water.

The Spa

I heard that at night, the pool area serves as an entertainment venue too. Overall, the pool area attracts people of all ages due to its more open atmosphere. But with the spa complementing the main pool area, it allowed people who truly wants R&R, like me, that sacred space they want. The Spa, in my opinion, is definitely phenomenal.

Spa Amenities:
steam room, fitness center, sauna, pool, and more!

Red Rock Casino and Resort has some very breathtaking views since it’s so close to Red Rock Canyon. That, I would say, is the main attraction of staying in this resort. Therefore I will be sharing with you all about my Red Rock Canyon experience on my next post. Please look forward to it!

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