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Valletta is an incredible place that everyone should visit.

But your travel experience to this city is even better if the accommodation is impeccable!  Valletta is not just the capital of Malta but also a city full of history and numerous places to visit. Its streets are bejeweled in medieval architecture that stands in the city since the times of the illusive Maltese Knights. So, what better way to visit Valletta than by staying in a 17th-Century Palazzo fully transformed into a unique and luxurious hotel?


Prince D'Orange Baroque 17th Century Palazzo - Luxury Hotel Suites Review - Valletta - Malta - Styleat30 Travel Blog 09


Prince D'Orange Baroque 17th Century Palazzo - Luxury Hotel Suites Review - Valletta - Malta - Styleat30 Travel Blog 10

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Palazzo Prince d’Orange is one such hotel!  It is an unbelievable and remarkable place that is located in the heart of the city. My husband and I were able to easily walk to the main points of interests from the hotel. It is conveniently placed in a quiet neighborhood so that guests can rest without disturbances. You can also go to the roof which features stunning views of the great Grand Harbour. Once you check in and settle down, it’s an amazing feeling to know you made the most perfect choice.

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Prince D'Orange Baroque 17th Century Palazzo - Luxury Hotel Suites Review - Valletta - Malta - Styleat30 Travel Blog 08


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Prince D'Orange Baroque 17th Century Palazzo - Luxury Hotel Suites Review - Valletta - Malta - Styleat30 Travel Blog 06

Styleat30 - Fashion Blog - Valletta, Malta - 09


When Palazzo Prince d’Orange hosted us, we had the extraordinary privilege to sojourn in the stunning Wilhelmina Duplex Penthouse of the hotel. If you are the kind of person that enjoys elegance, comfort, plentiful space, and a breathtaking view throughout the entire day, then you will certainly love the penthouse suite in this palazzo. The first thing that awed us the moment we entered the suite was the far-stretched views over the entire Grand Harbour and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.  This inconceivable view was available out of every window in the suite! I have heard rumors but in reality the surrounding area is much more exquisite than you can ever imagine.

I consider it worthy to mention that it is a two-story double bedroom penthouse therefore it is more than spacious for whoever considers space as a must-have. There is also a separate living room on the upper level with floor-to-ceiling windows that frames the sunrise and sunset across the Grand Harbour, and a dedicated room for entertainment equipped with big screen TV as well as a comfortable sofa bed.  Do note that the living room and dining area are on separate levels from the bedrooms, ideal for people who travel with children.  Surely, you can have your moments of peace while the children are having a grand time in their own room or in the entertainment space. There are two bathrooms for maximum convenience, comfort, and privacy, so there will be no issues with queues formed in front of the bathroom in the morning. There is even a small and dainty kitchen, with a coffee filter machine, toaster, hob, and a fridge, which made me feel like home.  Every morning, you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee while gazing unto the Mediterranean. Yes, we had to stack the fridge with a few things, but we loved the freedom and privacy this penthouse and its kitchen gave us.  The suite also had its own private doorway leading to the common library, or “Sala Nobile“, that looked incredibly regal and excellent for intimate social gatherings.

I love locations that have a romantic and vintage air giving me the sensation that they come from another period.  It allows me to imagine a time that existed in the past that are filled with momentous significance.  This is the sensation that I had while staying at the Palazzo Prince d’Orange, an marvelous restored palace in Valletta. I can only say flawless things about the services of the hotel.  The penthouse suite was simply ethereal and superb.  The staff was very friendly and discreet, so it was truly worth making the choice of staying here!

If you are considering visiting Malta, you also have to visit Valletta. This Palazzo comes highly recommended. When we booked our flights and hotel, we contacted the hotel and they fabulously organized our taxi to meet us at the airport arrival lounge. It was an easy, fixed fee taxi ride straight to the front door of the hotel. No hassle. No fuss. My kind of holiday!






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Sponsored by The Palazzo Prince d’Orange | St Paul St, Valletta, Malta | +356 9912 5200

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