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Truly, the best way to visit a city is to walk around.

This way, you’ll have access to areas where a car or bus cannot go! But we all know that most tourists go on a vacation to relax and unwind while not suffering from sore feet at the end of the day. If you are not used to walking long distances, walking can literally drain you of energy. It may be easy to achieve such fatigue in Valletta due to its rolling hills. So, is there a way to ditch the bus or car but also enjoy a city tour in a relaxing manner?

The answer is the Segway.

Touring the city can be achieved so much easier and in a more comfortable manner!  It is the perfect compromise between a scooter and your own two feet. It does not require fuel therefore it is an eco-friendly option.  It does not go too fast because they usually have a speed regulator. They are also rather easy to control. It is an electric vehicle that allows you to stand comfortably while riding quickly through the city. Of course speed is ultimately controlled by the user thus giving you the flexibility to admire the surroundings. You may require a bit of training if you’ve never used one before.  Fortunately, the tour guide provides such orientation before leading the tour. I assure you, in a matter of minutes you will be good to go. Malta Segway Tours provide an incredible Valletta Tour for anyone looking to sightsee around town in a fun and relaxing manner. Also, you will be accompanied by a professional guide for your safety and enjoyment of the tour!

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Why should you opt for a Segway Tour? It will be tremendously entertaining and even unforgettable to visit an old medieval city using a very up-to-the-minute transportation means. Malta is an incredible island with an amazing history that spans over 7,000 years. What better way to see the evidence connected to this history than by visiting the capital city of the island on a Segway? Opting for a Segway Tour will give you much more than just sightseeing. You will actually enjoy your time, have some laughs, and get a piece of authentic Maltese insider history shared by your tour guide. Malta Segway Tours provides several excursions you can choose from so do check your options before making your choice. If you plan to make your trip to Malta extraordinary, this type of traveling around Valletta and other parts of Malta will definitely do it for you.

My experiential highlight was when I was whizzing around town, wind in my hair and the views of the Mediterranean Sea contrasted with the sight of the handsome medieval passageways of Valletta!  Renting a Segway was too perfect because some alleys were on an incline.  Therefore, being on a state-of-the-art set of wheels was the most flawless decision we’ve made all day.  Our guide even introduced us to a traditional savory pastry from Malta — the pastizzi!  We would never have discovered this cultural food gem if not for our local guide.

The Segway Tour can last from 1.45 hours to 3 hours, depending on the type of tour you select.  It will provide a fun experience while allowing you to learn more about this astounding island and its capital city. Every single tour guide is very friendly and would be more than happy to answer all your questions. You should not be scared of using a Segway, because they are made to be used by anyone – even kids!  They are unbelievably easy to control once you get the hang of it. Plus, the professionals at Malta Segway Tours will not start the tour until everybody manages to handle the Segway properly.  You will for sure be in safe hands!

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